An American dance troupe will take the stage with a Turkish composition

Held for the 35th time this year, the Izmir International Festival will host a special performance by the Martha Graham Dance Company (MGDC), one of the world’s leading dance troupes. In the show, the dance company will perform to Turkish compositions alongside Turkish dancers.

Preparations continue for the Martha Graham Dance Theatre, which will be held at the Fuar Open Air Theater on June 28 as part of the festival.

For the 35th anniversary of the festival, dancers from the Martha Graham Dance Company put together a special choreography using the first and third sections of the Piano Concerto by young composer Doğaç Işbilen, which won the 10th Nejat Eczacıbaşı National Composition Competition.

Turkish dancers rehearse with the Martha Graham Dance Company for their show to be performed at the Izmir International Festival, Izmir, Turkey, July 26, 2022. (AA)

Nineteen Turkish dancers who will stage this choreography with the Martha Graham troupe receive training from choreographers Lloyd Knight and Xin Ying.

Martha Graham Dance Company principal dancer and choreographer Knight said he was happy to work with Turkish dancers.

Explaining that Izmir, which he is visiting for the second time, has a special place in his heart, Knight said: “We danced outside and it was very beautiful. You can connect with nature and with everyone. Although we speak different languages ​​with the Turkish performers, the dance moves connect us.”

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