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UniCircle Flow introduced unicycle dancing to America’s Got Talent. Before the semi-finals, here’s everything you need to know about the group of dancers.

UniCircle Flow is one of many America has talent competing numbers this season and here’s everything you need to know about the dance group. This season has seen many creative acts, from a worthy Golden Buzzer AGT martial arts group to high-flying acrobats and fast-changing performers. However, UniCircle Flow has delivered a unique talent this year. This group does an exciting style of synchronized dance on unicycles.

When the initial group of four appeared on stage, America has talent the judges were immediately intrigued. Sophia Vergara commented that their next performance looks different and exciting. The team members performed a flawless performance by dancing, twirling and jumping, as each person maintained their balance on a wheel. Simon Cowell told them they were one of the most amazing acts he has ever seen in the history of the show. The Unicircle Flow group was sent to the next round.

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Given AGT During Judge Simon’s previous back injury, Howie Mandel mocked his fellow judge, asking if it was scary to see people on bicycles. They performed while Lindsey Stirling’s “Roundtable Rival” performed, and their unique performance was more fascinating than frightening. During the quarter-finals, UniCircle Flow returned with a squad of twelve. Despite a drop at the start of the performance, they managed to hypnotize the audience and the judges.

UniCircle Flow members are Japanese and describe their action as “Land figure skating”, according to LinQuest team website. The style of dance they chose has been performed in Japan for over 40 years. To publicize the special version of the unicycle, the group was founded by America has talent Season 8 winner Kenichi Ebina. He has assembled a team of highly skilled unicyclists from different parts of Japan. The participants he found were all champions or finalists in national and international competitions. Some of them have also performed with the Cirque du Soleil troupe. Their routines are choreographed by Kazuhiro Shimoyama, former world champion and deputy secretary general of the Japan Unicycle Association. He has 30 years of unicycle experience.

Before coming to America has talent, the team performed locally, sharing their production on their Unicircle Flow YouTube channel. They have over 1.4,000 followers and over 2,000 Instagram followers. Their social media account only surfaced in April of this year, so the team doesn’t have a lot of posts. However, the group’s experiences on America has talent are shared with subscribers. After the second round of the show, they admitted that they were extremely nervous, but also happy to show their talent to the world.

When issuing the results, UniCircle Flow was sent to the AGT Save with singer Storm Large and “voicetramentalist” Michael Winslow. Michael won the votes of America has talent viewers and has been validated, leaving it up to the judges to decide who should pass. Would the judges choose the singer or the cyclists? The dance team wanted to go all the way and keep showing their skills to everyone because their dancing style is so rare. Heidi Klum gave Storm her vote. The other three judges chose the UniCircle Flow troupe, which qualified for the semi-finals.

America has talent the semi-finals start next week. Fans will see several acts, including AGT magician Dustin Tavella, singer Madilyn Bailey and a wildcard of the judges. As the next round picks up, UniCircle is about to return. If the team members look like their founder, they can come out on top.

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