A charity ballet organized in Tokyo to help Ukraine’s national dance troupe

TOKYO (Kyodo) — Japanese and Ukrainian ballet dancers performed at a charity event to raise funds for Ukraine’s national dance troupe amid the Russian invasion of the Eastern European country.

The “Ballet Gala in Tokyo” charity, hosted on Tuesday and produced by Japanese actress and former prima ballerina Tamiyo Kusakari, can be viewed online through Monday night as a ticketed event.

Nineteen Japanese men and women from Japanese and overseas troupes took the stage to dance to “Le Corsaire” and “Notre Dame de Paris,” among other ballet excerpts.

In the finale, “The Forest Song”, a classic of Ukrainian ballet, was staged, and the performance of the stars of the Kyiv Ballet Company Anna Muromtseva and Mykyta Sukhorukov was rewarded with thunderous applause from a audience of approximately 1,800 people.

In total, scenes from 12 traditional and contemporary ballets were performed.

“I think this event is very emotional for the dancers and the audience,” said Kusakari, who had been a principal dancer with Asami Maki Ballet Tokyo. “I believe that art blossoms in people’s hearts.”

Muromtseva and Sukhorukov will also be part of a national tour from mid-July to early August called Kyiv Ballet Gala 2022, sponsored by Koransha Inc.

The Japanese company also raises funds for artists affiliated with the National Opera and Ballet Theater of Ukraine.

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