October 2020

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Kings United India — The hip-hop dance team that inspires millions of people around the world

Many people say that dance is the language of love and we totally agree! In a culturally rich country like ours, there are so many bright and up-and-coming dancers with a vision to succeed. Likewise, 10 years ago, Suresh Mukund was just an ordinary boy with big dreams and today he is the founder and choreographer of King of the United Indies. To dream an impossible dream to start from scratch and win a world championship, United Kings of India did everything! Today, they are popular worldwide for their outstanding performance. However, the road to success has not been easy. Here’s everything you need to know about United Kings of India, the crew who rose from humble beginnings to stardom!

Who are the United kings?

Coming from a middle class family in Vasai, Mukund started the ‘Fictitiousdance group between 2008-2009 with a partner. This group was mostly made up of aspiring dancers and they made their first TV appearance on the show ‘Boogie Woogie‘. At the beginning, they had a lot of financial difficulties and had to make a lot of sacrifices. Fun fact, the movie ABCD 2 is based on their history and hard work. Shortly after the fictional group split up, Suresh knew he needed to bounce back stronger. He founded the Kings United India, also known as kings and fought against the best of the best in Dance world championship. They won World of Dance Season 3 and the rest is history, today they are global stars and they inspire millions of people to follow suit!

Everything about their content

Today the kings have more than 900,000 subscribers on their Instagram and 980k subscribers on their Youtube channel. They post several dance videos with their team and surprise everyone with their airy but complex choreography. Many of their routines have gone viral in the past just because of their powerful performance. Recently they posted a video titled The “Random gang” on their Instagram page and it took the internet by storm! Their smooth movements and classic footwork blew everyone away and we are still hooked on this video. If you haven’t seen it, surely you are living under a rock!

Here’s what Suresh has to say about his trip,

Dreams can come true, you just have to pursue them!

The journey that United Kings of India has truly been an inspiration to millions of people! On the road to success, they had to face multiple challenges, but their drive to excel dominated everything. They are the first Indian team to win NBC’s Dance World and have made the whole country proud worldwide. Their story tells us that no one can stop you from making your dreams come true. We are so proud of them and can’t wait to see more of their phenomenal work!

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Dance crew

Another golden buzzer! Hip hop dance team take off for Got Talent’s live performances in Malta

Howard Keith is a notoriously difficult judge to impress, but on last night’s episode of Malta’s Got Talent, the producer-manager gave his golden buzzer… and it’s easy enough to see why.

Cheryl Lofreda and her talented dance team The Movement are the second group from Malta’s Got Talent to win the coveted Golden Buzzer, with a performance that is both emotional and perfectly timed.

Made up of dancers aged 11 to 27 and dressed in signature masks, The Movement put on an almost flawless performance that saw judge Sarah Zerafa shout “Oh wow” in the first two seconds and the rest of the panel completely mesmerized for the whole thing.

After a well-deserved standing ovation, the judges showered the large dance group with a number of compliments, and as a stunned audience watched from their homes, many quickly agreed.

“Thanks for showing us what this should look like,” Judge Maxine told the group. “What it should look like, what it should look like. That’s it.”

“I really liked you guys,” Howard Keith said, bracing for the glorious Golden Buzzer moment. “All about you. The approach, the thoroughness, the timing. You don’t have to be a professional dancer to appreciate when you see talent in front of you. And most importantly, even the use of something. something that many see as a problem but is not; the mask. “

Their impressive debut means The Movement will now automatically advance to the finals of Malta’s Got Talent Live… joining five-year-old genius Kristian Alakkad.

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Dance crew

The Manatees: Hilarious Florida MLB Male Dance Team [VIDEO]

Cheerleaders are integral to going to any game. Imagine an NFL game without Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders or the Los Angeles Lakers without Laker girls dancing at halftime. Fans pay for the full stadium experience, and that’s part of it.

How about a group of 400 pound men shaking their booties instead? Yes, it’s true. The MLB Florida Marlins (now Miami Marlins) had 15 oversized big boys who favorite sweets on pom poms and absolutely boogie louder than any other professional sports cheerleader or dance team.

Ladies and gentlemen: this is Les Lamantins.

The Manatees: MLB Men’s Dance Team

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It’s hard to watch someone else live their dream.

Not only were the manatees (obviously) not held to the same physical standards that cheerleaders are today, but they were also paid to dance completely offbeat while having fun. Plus, these swift sea cows danced with the team’s female dance group, the Sirens.

A Santa Claus in teal blue. A construction worker. A guy whose nickname was “Chubbalicious”. The Manatees looked like a slow-pitch softball team that took a wrong turn towards Golden Corral after a game. And it was absolutely glorious.

In 2008, the Marlins’ marketing team looked for ways to attract fans. They messaged Marlins fans looking for tall male dancers and a legendary group was born.

“Every once in a while you have to score one for the big guys” ,? Member Angel “Chubbalicious” Villarreal told the New York Times. ? I felt like that? Saturday Night Live? skit when Chris Farley tries for the Chippendales.

As a longtime Marlins fan I have to say it absolutely worked out perfectly because these guys could put on a show. Every home game was a treat thanks to the Marlins’ manatees. When the baseball team was playing poorly, at least the fans had a dance team that could rumble the earth with a few twerks to hope for.

Unfortunately, the manatees were a short lived group. The Marlins changed their name for the 2012 season and played in a new stadium, and the big cheerleaders were a thing of the past.

?It’s cold,? Villarreal told the Miami New Times in 2011. “We supported them when times were tough and pushed people to go to the stadium. Now the manatees are having the carpet ripped off beneath them.

A Facebook page called “Save The Manatees” was created, but it was not enough.

The Marlins have traded many stars over the years, but by far the biggest mistake is not re-signing their beloved fat men. I mean, how can you not like this:

The people of South Florida deserved better.

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